2.8.9 Stable更新内容1、修复了部分机型,用于指导开发者用React Native开发基于环信IM

Ignite Realtime community has just released Spark 2.8.3 and it can be
downloaded from theIgnite Realtime: DownloadsThis is a regular update. A
few issues have been fixed. Bundled Java updated to the latest version.
There is a new menu to view history of sent broadcasts and an option to
login anonymously.For a complete list of changes please check theSpark
ChangelogWe encourage developers to get involved with Spark project by
providing feedback and patches in the forums or submitting pull requests
toGitHub – igniterealtime/Spark: Cross-platform real-time collaboration
client optimized for business and organizations.Here is the list of
contributors to this release (besides myself):Michael – fixed Advanced
settings not being saved without opening that menu, always on top issue
and changed behavior when Auto Login is hiddenAlexander198961
(Aleksander Kovtunenko) · GitHub – added a feature to save broadcasts
history and access it via a new menu optionJerry – added support for
anonymous loginGuus der Kinderen – fixed issue when joining a room with
a duplicate nickname and improved build time by removing unneeded code
style checksDaryl Herzmann – helped to clean up the code further
(removing legacy CVS keywords)speedy – fixed issues with password not
being deleted when it should and added log file rotating by
sizeAtalanttore (Ettore Atalan) · GitHub – updated German
版更新内容Bug[SPARK-1844] – Not saving settings without opening
Advanced menu once[SPARK-1848] – Setting “Chat Window Always on Top”
also enables “Main Window Always on Top” behavior[SPARK-1853] – NPE
when not setting an avatar[SPARK-1854] – Joining a MUC with a
duplicate nickname results in strange behavior.[SPARK-1855] –
ContactList should not pop up when logging off[SPARK-1858] – Password
not removed from spark.properties when “Save Password” option is
disabled[SPARK-1863] – Resets initially empty values in Advanced menu
when logging outNew Feature[SPARK-1825] – Add an option to see a
history of broadcasts[SPARK-1852] – Add anonymous SASL login
supportTask[SPARK-1821] – Update bundled JRE with the latest
version[SPARK-1856] – Remove unused static analyzers[SPARK-1857] –
Remove legacy CVS keywords[SPARK-1862] – Remove obsolete information
from Readme and update linksImprovement[SPARK-1847] – Remove Log out
menu when Auto Login and Save Password are disabled[SPARK-1849] – Make
logs rotate based on size or time[SPARK-1850] – Shouldn’t save
password when SSO is being used[SPARK-1860] – Implement group chat
duplicate name deconfliction similar to 2.7.7[SPARK-1864] – Add
translations to MUC dialogs[SPARK-1867] – Update German

摘要融云即时通讯云SDK新版发布,本次发布的版本为: Android 2.8.9
Stable、iOS 2.8.9 Stable。发布的版本Android 2.8.9 Stable、iOS 2.8.9
Stable,更新时间为:2017年04月10日。iOS 2.8.9
Stable更新内容1、修复了预览图片,图片格式不正确时的 BUG。2、优化了 VoIP
2.8.9 Stable更新内容1、修复了部分机型,VoIP

摘要即时通讯IM云服务商环信发布了React Native Demo,用于指导开发者用React
Native开发基于环信IM。Demo 介绍即时通讯IM云服务商环信今日发布了React
Native Demo,用于指导开发者用React Native开发基于环信IM。React Native
可以让开发者使用 Javascript 和 React 开发原生 iOS 和 Android
应用,提高开发效率(Learn once, write anywhere)。此次React Native Demo
已集成环信 Web IM SDK,并提供即时通讯基本功能,开发者可以直接将该 Demo
集成到您的应用中,立即获得即时通讯的能力。Demo 源码下载GitHub
下载地址: 版本支持:React
Native Demo 支持 iOS 9.0 以上版本,以及 Android 4.1 (API
16)。注:所有开发调试环境均基于Mac。Demo 功能列表功能 React Native Demo
分为 iOS Demo 和 Android Demo
目录结构App 的目录结构如下: • Containers: 容器 | 页面 | 路由 ◦ App.js
总入口 ◾ Redux/ 初始化 ◾ I18n/ 初始化 ◾ Config/index.js 系统初始配置 ◦
RootContainer.js 根容器 ◾ Navigation/NavigationRouter.js 初始化路由 ◾
/Config/ReduxPersist 持久化初始化• Components 常用组件• I18n 多语言支持•
Images 图片资源• Lib WebIM初始化• Navigation: 路由相关• Redux: actions /
reducers• Sdk: webim-easemobo SDKRedux State:{ // ui相关 ui: [ //
ui通用:比如loading common: { fetching:false }, login: { username: ”,
password: ”, isSigned: false, }, register: { }, contactInfo: { }, ],
im: , // 数据实体 entities: { roster: { byName: { { jid, name,
subscription, groups? } }, names: [‘lwz2’…], //
好友列表在此,因为好友列表来源于roster,息息相关 friends: , }, //
订阅通知 subscribe: { byFrom: {} }, room: {}, group: { byId: {}, names:
}, members: { byName: , byGroupId: } blacklist: {}, message: { byId: {}
chat: { [chatId]: [messageId1, messageId2] }, groupChat: {
[chatId]: {} }, } }}


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